Mass Kit Requests

Mass kits will be available at no cost for members of the Notre Dame campus community, as well as Holy Cross College and St. Mary’s College upon request, except under special circumstances, delineated below. Our primary goal is to make available this service – which requires both specialized materials and particular knowledge to provide – without charge within our own community. However, given the time and expense involved, especially if the request comes with little or no notice, or if lack of respect is shown to the contents of the Mass kits, the following guidelines will apply. 

  1. Upon request from the Basilica Sacristy, a FOAPAL will be provided for each Mass kit at the time of its request, as a guarantee against loss or damage. 
  2. Mass kits requested with less than 48 hours’ notice will incur a charge of $50. Kits requested with less than 24 hours' notice will incur a charge of $100. 

The above does not apply to outside groups using the Grotto or other campus places of prayer. Such groups, if given permission to use a campus chapel or the Grotto, must bring their own Mass kits. 



  • Mary Froning, Senior Coordinator, Operations, +1 574-631-5214